Are Newspapers Vending Machines A Thing Of The Past?


We see them next to bus stations, gas stations, outside of mini malls, most of know what they are for, yet our real curiosity is,

“why are they still here”

News has past moved from the paper medium, in fact we get our world news mostly from the net.

There is no doubt that if these vending machines have not been taken down, is probably because they must generate decent profit.

The fact is these machines are still of some use, even in America there is an estimated 35% that do not have access to the internet.

Are newspaper vending machines still a viable business?


The Problem

Newspapers sales decline: Newspapers sales have declined steadily over the last century. This doesn’t necessarily mean people aren’t interested on news but it does mean people rather obtain their news in other forms (hence through the internet and television).


Poorly/outdated vending machine design: When newspaper vending machines first started circulating, they were a big hit. Whether you liked how they looked our not, you had to obtain your information through the newspapers, television or radio.


During the golden age of newspaper vending machines, they were a lot like gas stations, it didn’t matter how dirty or poorly built they were, they served a crucial role. But now with the range of choices we have to obtain information, these vending machines have a hard time been noticed.


Generation Gap: Perhaps you at some point read a newspaper growing up, and chances are your parents read newspapers all the time. But as the new, more tech savvy generation grows up, newspapers become more obsolete.


The Internet: The New York Times, one of the biggest newspapers in the U.S, now makes a large portion of its revenue online. Although the company has yet to reveal the exact numbers, it’s obvious that the company has shifted mediums, but unlike The New York Times, newspaper vending machines don’t have another income source to fall on.


The bottom line

Newspaper vending machines still rack profits; in fact as long as internet access stays relatively expensive, there will always be the need for physical newspapers.

It is hard to imagine that newspaper vending machines as of right now could ever make a comeback. Some speculate future “news” paper vending machines will sell information digitally, but of course these are speculations that we have yet to see come true.

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