Best Stores To Buy Vending Machine Supplies

This article is in no way promotional, in fact my endorsements of the following stores is completely based on my own experience as a vending operator.

New vending operators need to find the most flexible option when it comes to buying vending machine supplies.

Whether it is snacks, drinks or anything else in this category, chances are you can find it at a local Costco’s or Sam’s Club.


Reasons To Buy Vending Supplies at Costco’s/Sam’s Club


Return Policies: one of the best things about these two stores is their return policies. Anything you bought at the store that has not been used can be returned any time.

When you are servicing multiple vending machine locations, it becomes very challenging knowing exactly how much supplies you should buy without over/under spending, by buying on Costco’s for example, you can buy as much supplies as you want and simply return anything you did not use.


Wholesale/ Cheap prices: These two stores sell everything in big amounts, the advantage is you usually save more. Buying whole sale means higher profit margins for you.


Most Popular Brands Available: having big brands in your vending machine is a must. Sam’s Club and Costco alike have all the popular brands at wholesale prices.


Business Memberships: Aside from the regular membership cards both Costco and Sam’s Club have business memberships with even more benefits.

These cards include lower prices on brand names, more accessibility to the store (as early as 7 am).


Discounts and Coupons: These two stores have many special offers, and considering you will be buying in bulk, you can save quite some money with special discounts.

Final Word

Experienced and new vending operators alike agree that wholesale stores are the best places to buy vending supplies.

Although these two stores and my personal recommendation; there are other stores with similar features worth experimenting with.

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