Guide to Vending Machine Locations (and How to Find Them!)

Locations are a big deal in the vending machine business. Locations are in fact your real income source, meaning that finding the best locations for your machines should be your top priority.

If you are new to the vending machine business and you are having trouble getting those first locations, don’t worry we have all been there. In this guide we will discuss everything there is to know about landing, finding and maintaining a vending location.

Common Ways of Finding Vending Machine Locations

Driving Around Town: This is truly the number one way of finding vending locations (or any business opportunity really). The vending machine business is a physical business; you have to be willing to explore in order to find quality locations.   Locator Agency/Company: These companies made up of vending locators, find the locations for you. Even though using a vending locator has some advantages, locating services come with a price tag and a possible chance of getting scammed. Many experienced vending operators may indeed use these companies, but learning how to find the locations yourself is always recommended (and less expensive).   Contacting New malls/schools/other locations about your vending business:phoning or emailing potential locations about your business is another great way of getting your vending machine in location. Find new malls that are opening in your area and contact them by phone or email. The reason why this strategy works so well is because the number one mission of newly opened malls is to fill up their mall as soon as possible.

Tips to Getting High Quality Locations

Speak About Your Business With Confidence : Understand that vending machines are a business.

Even if you have one or a couple of vending machines, talk as if you were a representative of a big company. No one likes to make deals with people that seem unprofessional or unreliable.

Practice your business talk and you will undeniably see results.


Act Professional: A follow up of the previous point. Treat anything you do with professionalism.

Invest a bit of money in a couple of well done brochures as well as business cards. If possible dress appropriately for appointments and have a separate business phone number.


Perfect your business pitch: You won’t always have 10 or so minutes to negotiate a location deal. Make your business pitch specific, quick and easy to understand.


Be Prepared To Move on: Even very experienced vending operators don’t get 100% of the locations they want. You will find pushy location owners, others who are simply not interested and many more types of people that aren’t worth your time.

As a new vending operator you can expect a higher failure rate (hopefully not) but understand that is all part of the business. Every failed experience should teach you something that will make your next try more likely to succeed.


Aim For Quality Locations: It doesn’t matter if you are a new vending operator, you should always aim for the best locations you can find.

Many new vending operators feel intimidated asking for space at a popular mall or a high school.

Don’t conform to mediocre locations that can reduce your earning potential, go after the best locations you can find and leave second hand locations as a last alternative.

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